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Alaska Pollock Fishery forms new advocacy partnership. Alaska Pollock Fishery Alliance aims to promote responsible fishery management.

A coalition of fishery stakeholders has formed a new group – the Alaska Pollock Fishery Alliance – to promote the responsible management and harvesting of wild Alaska pollock.

The Alaska Pollock Fishery Alliance builds on the fishery’s recognition as one of the most responsible and best managed fisheries in the world. The group will reinforce the fishery’s longstanding commitment to research and science-based approaches that help ensure a healthy fishery and healthy marine ecosystem in the Eastern Bering Sea. In doing so, it will help ensure that all constituents have an accurate understanding of the Alaska pollock fishery.

“The Alaska Pollock Fishery Alliance brings an important perspective and united voice to the conversation about how to responsibly manage Alaska’s commercial fisheries and the Eastern Bering Sea marine ecosystem,” said Eric Deakin on behalf of the Alliance’s united industry leaders. “We’re committed to approaches that are supported by research and backed by science. We welcome honest and open dialogue that supports healthy fisheries for all species and supports the communities that rely on the Bering Sea and its resources for their wellbeing.”

The group will highlight the fishery’s longstanding commitment to improvements and innovations in minimising incidental catch, its support for additional gear research, and its work with state and federal regulators and scientists to continually improve data collection to better understand fishing and climate impacts to the Eastern Bering Sea marine ecosystem.

The Alaska Pollock Fishery Alliance will also highlight the fishery’s significant economic impact nationally, regionally, and locally. The Alaska pollock fishery is the second largest fishery in the world, supporting nearly 30,000 jobs across the U.S. Further, it serves as a vital economic resource for programs, education, infrastructure, and investments for 65 coastal western Alaska communities through the Community Development Quota (CDQ) program.

The Alaska Pollock Fishery Alliance represents a broad range of stakeholders including fishery processors, fishing vessel operators, and customers, as well as Alaska community and economic development organisations. Its work will be guided by a committee of pollock trade associations, harvester companies, customers, and CDQ program representatives, as well as scientific and policy experts with strategic guidance from the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers’ (GAPP) board of directors.