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Aller AQua launches Power Ras. The PowerRAS concept meets the high demands towards feed for RAS in terms of feed efficiency, optimal water quality and subsequent fish growth. The concept is the result of continuous research and trial work at Aller Aqua Research in combination with field trials.

Farming fish in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) has gained popularity across the globe, and fish produced in RAS represent a steadily growing volume of total aquaculture production. The control measures in RAS technology allow for fish production under constant environmental conditions. This accurate optimisation between water parameters and fish biomass requires external factors to seamlessly integrate into this equilibrium. In this respect, feed is the most influential external factor in RAS. Therefore, feeds for RAS need to fulfil the requirements of this highly sophisticated and complex production technology by taking the following aspects to a new level:

  • Nutrient digestibility and palatability
  • Faeces quality
  • Fish metabolism and DP:DE ratio
  • Technical quality of the feed
  • Feed functionality

Dr Robert Tillner, Product Manager for Aller Aqua, explains: “At Aller Aqua we believe that constantly challenging the status quo is key to staying at the forefront of fish feed development. Together with our customers and research partners we develop innovative feed concepts that address the demands from the market. The PowerRAS concept has been developed based on many years of research. We have kept up with the increasing sophistication of RAS, whilst focusing on the benefits for the RAS farmers. This is what will separate our feed from the competition.”

The findings are now commercialized and represent the latest addition of RAS-optimized feed technology by Aller Aqua. Full information of the PowerRAS concept can be found on Aller Aqua’s website: