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Author: Fish Focus

Sustainable Seafood Production Recertification
GSA Completes Rebranding Initiative with Unveiling of New Brand Identity
RAStech hosts RAS Connector Series Roundtable Panels
Ireland announces Brexit Tie-up Scheme
Food for seals and other Arctic predators is shrinking
Russia explores VAT exemption scheme for fishing boat repairs
Bonamia testing process for NZ oysters strengthened
Vietnamese fishery production rises
Reflections on Aqua Nor 2021
MOWI Salmon National TV Campaign Launched 
Changes to fees for Harbour Orders
Sustainable sea planning for the future
New boat shelter and environmental protection thanks to EU support
Scottish Seafood Industry Action Group Meets
New Organic Salmon Site
SalMar partners with Aker to establish global offshore aquaculture
Premium Svensk Lax and Benchmark Genetics have signed an agreement
Food and Drink Leaders Highlight Recruitment Crisis
Fisheries Minster reinforces ties with fisheries & trade partner Norway