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Benchmark secures salmon ova deal with Proximar. Benchmark Genetics will supply land-based salmon project Proximar with salmon ova for its production in Japan. Proximar is a Norwegian industry expert producing quality Atlantic salmon in the land-based farming facility at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Japan.

The agreement has signed for three years, with automatic renewal. First eggs to be delivered in 12 months from our facility in Iceland. The first delivery of the salmon to the Japanese market is expected in 2024.

“Proximar is on its way into the Japanese market, where quality is especially important. With the increasing number of land-based facilities, ensuring quality eggs is a key issue. Our agreement with Benchmark Genetics ensures us stable deliveries throughout the year,” says Joachim Nielsen, CEO of Proximar.


About Benchmark

Benchmark Genetics is a leader in aquaculture genetics, present in every major aquaculture market and for a wide range of species. Their five in-house breeding programmes are focusing on three main species: salmon, shrimp and tilapia.

They are the leading provider of genetics services based on extensive experience from 30 applied breeding programs involving 20 species in 16 countries.

Benchmark Genetics brings together the companies Benchmark Genetics Norway AS, Benchmark Genetics Iceland H.F., Benchmark Genetics Chile, Spring Genetics and Benchmark Genetics Shrimp.

Their breeding centres are located in Norway, Iceland, Chile, the USA, Brazil and Colombia.

Benchmark’s strategy is innovation-led, making use of modern breeding technologies such as QTL and Genomic Selection. Although technology is an important foundation of what they do, they believe in being customer-focused. Long-standing collaborations and partnerships with leading aquaculture businesses are just as important when working on genetic improvements and developing new products and services.

Benchmark also believe in technical support to ensure that their customers are able to take out the potential of their genetics. Their sales teams have several technical specialists covering the three focus species as well as different production systems including RAS.

Benchmark Genetics belongs to the listed British group Benchmark Holdings plc.


About Proximar

Prime locations with access to high quality ground water secured close to the iconic Mount Fuji, only 1 – 2 hours trucking distance from the two largest cities in Japan, Tokyo and Yokohama (greater Tokyo area population of ~38 million.

The Company has secured a contract with AquaMaof, delivering a proven RAS system – a leading Japanese contractor secured for the construction works.

After completion of its first facility of 5,300 tonnes production capacity (HOG), Proximar is planning expansion of additional 21,000 tonnes capacity, expected construction start of second stage in 2024.