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Blumar smolt project enjoys success. A little over a year ago, the integrated Chilean fisheries and aquaculture company, Blumar, launched a project with which it manages to supply a part of its demand for salmon smolts, where from fry always obtained in fresh water and, after approximately 4 months, they are transformed into fish ready to be stocked in seawater. This is the company’s first fish farm located in the commune of Puyehue, Los Lagos Region, which started with the aim of contributing 30% of the company’s smolt requirement, which is equivalent to about 4 million fish per year.

“We have been operating this project for a year since we started operating, which has undoubtedly become a series of very relevant milestones for the company. We have already planted our first million and a half smolts into the sea, which have had a very satisfactory response, and on the other hand, we have consolidated the Agua Dulce team in charge of this operation,” says the freshwater manager, Wido Martínez.

“It is really a pride to be part of this, and it gives us great satisfaction to have our first fish farm,” added the leader of Agua Dulce de Blumar.

The project represents important advances in terms of innovation and efficiency, and allows the company to have greater control of the production chain. Along these lines, Blumar’s general manager, Gerardo Balbontín, highlights that:

“This project is a fundamental milestone in the history of the company, because since its start-up, the desire to be present throughout the salmon production chain has been realised.”

On the other hand, Balbontín stresses that another of the benefits provided by the operation of Piscicultura Puyehue is that 24 jobs have been generated for the area, in addition to activating several local services:

“It is a sign that the project has not only generated value for the company but, even more importantly, for the community that surrounds it.