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Attendance at the Aquaculture UK exhibition in Aviemore has been a boost for Abdie Solutions, the Perth based bulk handling and storage specialist, reporting a marked increase in enquiries.

Although they had previously visited the expo, this was the first time they had exhibited, with the company being keen to get ‘a feel’ for the aquaculture industry and identify ways for helping fish farm companies streamline their processes and drive efficiency.

Stuart Todd of Abdie Solutions said: “We’ve been working with fish feed customers for some time and it was because of the knowledge we have in that area we decided to have a presence at the event. It’s an industry we enjoy working in and have made a notable different to those customers, and we’d like to do more of it.

“From material handling and process controls to screening work and assisting with design, we’ve got a strong understanding of how we can help. For example, we’re currently looking at installing a sieve and ancillary handling unit for a fish farm in the north of Scotland. We’re also supplying a cyclone part for an underwater fish feeding system.

“Following the exhibition, we’ve seen an increase in enquiries coming which has been encouraging and we’re keen to increase our reach in the industry. Our specialist knowledge can truly have a long-lasting impact on the processes used in fish farming that can save time and money.”