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Breakthrough for MMC First Process

Breakthrough for MMC First Process as it delivers first-ever on-board production plant

First Process and Havyard MMC merged last year, combining their expertise in handling fish both onshore and on board vessels. The merger has now yielded concrete results in the form of the very first order for a processing plant for on-board production.

The plant will be installed on board Havfisk AS’s new trawler, which is scheduled for delivery by Vard in winter 2020.

Petter Leon Fauske, Executive Vice President of MMC First Process, says that this is a segment they have been targeting and that this order marks a breakthrough for MMC First Process.

‘Havfisk’s large fleet and extensive expertise also makes the company a strategically important customer. We are therefore really pleased to win this order.’

First Process has delivered processing systems for onshore plants since the 1990s, and MMC has an equally long history in handling fish on board vessels. A team with expertise in both these fields has now been put together to build and deliver the first processing plant for a fishing vessel.

Testing an innovation – the RID pump

Arve Breivik, Area Sales Manager Onboard Production at MMC First Process, says that they will be delivering everything that is needed in an HG (head and gutted) plant.

‘We deliver transport, hoisting equipment, bins, pumping systems, gutting machines – everything you need for heading and gutting of fish. The vessel will also be equipped with an industrial processing line for prawns with pertaining equipment.’

MMC First Process’s packing line for the frozen blocks of fish and production equipment for fresh fish kept in ice come in addition.

Breivik says that they will build the plant on shore to ensure that everything is working before installing it on board the vessel.

‘It is important that the delivery is made in such a way that both we who have built it and the people who will be using it can feel proud of the plant.’

Havfisk’s new trawler will fish for both white fish and prawns. It will also use MMC First Process’s newly developed RID pump during prawn fishing. The pump uses the principle of the Archimedes’ screw and closed pipes to ensure that prawns are pumped through the factory in a gentler and more hygienic manner than on a conveyor belt. Tests have shown that the RID pump improves quality and increases capacity as a result of a more even input and greater utilisation of weights. Using an RID pump, the prawns remain submerged in chilled water throughout the process. This keeps the temperature low and means that energy is saved when the prawns are frozen.

Expertise in place

CEO Webjørn Barstad of Havfisk ASA says that he is looking forward to cooperating with MMC First Process.

‘MMC First Process submitted the best overall tender in our competitive tendering procedure. We already know the company and its employees, so we know that they have the expertise we need. We are also familiar with most of the equipment, but it will be interesting to test the RID pump, which is new to us.’

The installation of the RID pump will be a separate innovation project.

‘Here, we will test whether this technology handles the catch in an even gentler and more efficient way that existing technology, and it will make the plant’s transport solution much more flexible and easy to incorporate in future.’

 Photo: Breakthrough for MMC First Process

In the photo.
Back from left: Kristian Furnes Project Manager VARD, Stig Skjong Construction Manager Havfisk, Stein Oksnes Technical Director Havfisk, Petter Leon Fauske CEO MMC First Process, Frank Abelseth Project Manager MMC First Process, Arve Breivik Area Sales Manager On Board Production MMC First Process.Front from left: Isabel Holmeset Project Purchaser VARD, Frank Edvard Vike Sales Manager Sea MMC First Process




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