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Commercial Fishing



Catch changes for NZ rock lobster and sea cucumber. Fisheries New Zealand has announced changes to catch limits for sea cucumber and rock lobster (crayfish) fish stocks in three areas across New Zealand.

Director of fisheries management Stuart Anderson says the changes come as part of the regular sustainability round process and will come into effect 1 April.

“Of the 4 stocks reviewed, catch limits are getting increased for 2 stocks, decreased for one stock, and one stock will remain the same. There have been changes to Total Allowable Catch and Total Allowable Commercial Catch limits for 3 of the stocks that were reviewed.

  • The southern rock lobster fishery (CRA 8) is doing well, which has allowed for an increase in how much commercial catch can be taken.
  • The commercial catch for the Gisborne rock lobster fishery (CRA 3) has been reduced to help keep this fish stock sustainable.
  • The catch settings for the Wellington/Hawke’s Bay rock lobster fishery (CRA 4) will remain the same.
  • Sea cucumber at the top of the South Island (SCC 7A) was reviewed and has been increased.

“Each year, in April and October, we review the best scientific information available on fish stocks to determine whether changes are required to management controls to ensure the sustainability of New Zealand’s fisheries. If the science suggests that more fish can be harvested sustainably, then we look at increasing the catch limits. If the number of fish harvested needs to be reduced to ensure sustainability, then we propose reducing catch limits.

“This information, along with feedback received from tangata whenua and the public consultation, allows Fisheries New Zealand to provide the Minister of Fisheries with advice on changing catch limits,” says Mr Anderson.