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Commercial Fishing



China interested in expanding cooperation with Russian fishing enterprises. The products of Russian fishery enterprises are “widely welcomed” in the Chinese market, which is interested in expanding cooperation with the Russian Federation in this direction. This was announced recently by Lin Yushun, Executive Secretary of the International Trade Branch of the Chinese Fishing Industry Association, during an online business mission of Russian manufacturers of aquatic products.

“Russia is rich in aquatic biological resources with significant advantages, which is widely welcomed in the Chinese market. We hope that in cooperation between the Russian and Chinese official institutions and fisheries associations that organised today’s event, we will establish a channel for interaction between Russian-Chinese aquatic enterprises, which, in turn, will help Chinese companies to obtain more information about high-quality Russian products. ” – he said.

Lin Yushun added that the products of the fishery enterprises of the Russian Federation, recommended by official departments, enjoy a certain credit of confidence and have a quality guarantee. “We hope to further develop trade cooperation between Russian and Chinese water industry enterprises,” he said.

Most of the Chinese companies participating in the videoconference are registered in Shanghai. In this regard, Lin Yushun drew attention to the advantages of this port for Russian exporters. “It is important to note, especially at the present time, that the customs clearance process in Shanghai is completed within 24 hours, which is much faster in comparison with other ports of the PRC,” he stated.

The International Trade Branch of the China Fisheries Industry Association, Lin Yushun said, was set up to help Chinese and international fisheries enterprises expand China’s consumer market. “We are creating a platform for cooperation and exchange between Chinese and international fishing enterprises, buyers and service providers, and will assist international manufacturers to enter the Chinese market. We invite Russian fisheries enterprises and related associations to cooperate. By integrating the advantages of both parties, we will be able to jointly expand the Chinese market, as well as establish closer ties between Russia and China in the field of trade in aquatic products, ”he concluded.

The business mission of exporters and manufacturers of the Russian fishing industry in the format of a videoconference was organized by the Trade Representation of Russia in China, the Representative Office of the Federal Agency for Fisheries in China, as well as the Chinese Fishing Association. Five companies and two associations of the fishing industry took part in the presentation from the Russian side. From the Chinese side, 37 companies joined the event.

Source: TASS