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Construction underway for Vónin Scotland’s new eco-friendly service station in Kyleakin.  Vónin Scotland is enhancing its services to the Scottish salmon farming industry with a new service station in Kyleakin. This state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to the comprehensive maintenance of fish farming equipment, including the washing, repairing, antifouling, coating, and drying of nets. The station is also equipped to service lice skirts, with large washing drums capable of handling nets up to 200 meters.CONSTRUCTION UNDERWAY FOR VÓNIN2

 A Commitment to Sustainability

Constructed over 2,500 square meters, the Kyleakin station stands as a paragon of environmental responsibility. It utilises green energy for heating and features enhanced insulation, reducing its energy footprint. The station’s commitment to sustainability extends to converting organic waste into energy and recycling all recyclable materials, aligning with global sustainability trends.

The station’s commitment to sustainability extends to converting organic waste from washing the nets into biogas, which is then used to create electricity and heat within a combined heat and power unit that is used on site or sold back into the grid. The heat produced by this solution can also be used to replace gas, oil and diesel.

 Strategic and Efficient Locations

This new facility mirrors the efficiency of the Vónin Group’s existing service stations in Scotland, Norway, and the Faroe Islands, maintaining high standards of operational excellence. It complements Vónin Scotland’s other stations located in Scalloway in Shetland and Scalpay in the Hebrides, ensuring comprehensive coverage and support across key regions.

Strategically located, the new station ensures Vónin Scotland remains close to its customers, accessible by both road and sea. This proximity reduces the need for long-distance transportation, significantly cutting carbon emissions and underscoring Vónin’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

 Supporting Local Economy and Development

The idea for the Kyleakin service station was introduced two years ago, and after a meticulous process of obtaining the necessary permissions, construction has now begun. The facility is expected to be operational next year, significantly enhancing service capabilities and supporting the industry’s growth through more efficient and sustainable operations. Moreover, the Kyleakin service station will bolster the local economy by creating approximately 15 jobs, fostering community growth and development.

 As Vónin Scotland expands its footprint with the Kyleakin station, it continues to set industry standards for innovation and sustainability. The facility is not just a boost for Vónin but a significant advancement for the Scottish salmon farming industry, promising a greener, more efficient future.


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