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Countdown is on for scallop closure views. UK scallopers who are yet to respond to a call for evidence on potential closure of the fishery in parts of the Channel this summer are being reminded to get their responses in by March 19.

Marine Management Organisation (MMO), on behalf of all four UK fisheries administrations, published a six week call for evidence in January on proposals to close the king scallop dredge fishery in 7d and Lyme Bay in 7e this summer.

The proposals have been drafted together with the Scallop Industry Consultation Group and the devolved Fisheries Administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland following scientific advice.

They would apply to UK and EU vessels and are designed to protect scallops during their spawning season and limit the depletion of the stock in Lyme Bay from potential displacement due to the 7d closure.

The proposals also explore whether 12 m and under vessels should be exempt from any restrictions that come into force.

Fishers have until 19 March 2023 to give their views. The call for evidence can be found here.

The options for proposed 7d king scallop closures are:

  • 15 May to 30 September 2023 – a closure period that aligns with the EU closure of 7d to the king scallop dredge fishery.
  • 1 July and 30 September 2023 – an extension of the 2022 closure to offer further protection of the species during the spawning period.
  • 1 August and 30 September 2023 – the same closure period as 2022.

The proposed 7e king scallop dredge fishery closure is:

  • A closure of Lyme Bay (ICES rectangles, 30E6, 30E7, 29E6 and 29E7) aligning to the agreed closure length in ICES area 7d.

The UK Fisheries Administrations are committed to ensuring fisheries are managed to a level where stocks are healthy and fished sustainably; the marine environment is protected; and economic return for fishers is maximised without impacting stock sustainability.

Fishers should contact the MMO Fisheries Management Team at effort@marinemanagement.org.uk if they have any questions about the call for evidence.