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Craemer launches CB3 fishbox

Craemer launches CB3 fishbox to add to its portfolio.

Craemer UK Ltd has been supplying the Irish Fishing Industry with reliable 50kilo, 40kilo and 20kilo fishboxes for over 35 years.

From its production factories in Telford England and Herzebrock in Germany, Craemer is a long standing family company with a history of specialised tool making going back over 100 years.

The Plastics Materials handling division have now introduced a brand new heavy duty pallet box, the CB3, for use in a variety of fishing applications. The CB3 is an exceptionally durable, robust container for handling fish products, ice and nets, or anything else which customers may require of this big 610Litre box pallet. Optional 1200 x 1000mm and 1200 x 800mm standard pallet size versions are now available, and in a variety of colours.

These are ideal transport sizes and have extra large fork entry gaps for easier handling with all types of pump trucks and pallet movers.

As well as making fish boxes, Craemer is acknowledged internationally for making the best, most reliable plastic pallets on the market. You would therefore expect the CB3 pallet box to be stronger with higher impact resistance than the ordinary pallet box. Well it is.

Clean lined and stackable, the CB3 and its baby brother, the CB1, exciting new options for use in the Fishing Industry and now available from Craemer UK in Telford.


Showcasing at Skipper Expo Int. Bristol on 27th/28th September.