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Seafood Processing



ENGIE introduces DI freezer at Seafood Expo Global. Freezing technology that freezes products very fast, maintains product quality and ideal for freezing and post-freezing thinner and thicker products. With the Double Impact freezer (DI), cooling specialist ENGIE Refrigeration adds a new, versatile solution to the collection of smart freezing technology. Professionals in the fishing industry can now become acquainted with the great piece of work.

In the past, the possibilities of the freezing installation used to be decisive for product quality, freezing efficiency, energy consumption, and space utilization. With smart IQF freezing, ENGIE turns it around: we make an inventory of the requirements of the product and the customer and adjust the technology accordingly.ENGIE INTRODUCES DI FREEZER AT SEAFOOD EXPO GLOBAL

Energy efficient freezing process

“A perfect freezing system requires customization”, Chris Muller, Project Manager at ENGIE Refrigeration says. “That’s why ENGIE designs and manufactures product-specific or process-specific (post-)freezing systems and interweaves all smart technologies in it. By fine-tuning these systems and technologies, smart IQF freezing seamlessly matches all the customers’ requirements and wishes. It results in an optimum balance between quality, efficiency, and energy consumption. If freezers with standard dimensions do not fit, a custom-made freezer offers the right solution.

Within the smart IQF freezing concept, ENGIE already offered 2 types of freezers: a low-cost Line freezer with conventional freezing technology and an Air Injection freezer with smart freezing technology for ultra-fast freezing and minimal dehydration of the product. With the DI freezer, customers can now opt for a versatile third option which is suitable for freezing and post-freezing thicker and thinner products.

Freeze faster for better quality

Muller: “When it comes to stricter requirements on hygiene and freezing performance or when a smaller set-up is desirable, the DI freezer is extremely interesting. It has a smart, modular construction with stainless steel welded casing and is easy to clean. This makes the freezer very suitable for breaded products. Moreover, it is suitable for all types of refrigerants. Because the freezer can freeze products twice as fast as a conventional freezer and features very thoughtful design, it is very compact and half as long. ”

It is the fast freezing process that makes the DI freezer and the ILV freezer interesting for fish processors. The speed results in much smaller ice crystals that do not affect the cell walls of the fish. As a result, the product retains a homogeneous structure. The moisture evaporation is also zero due to the fast freezing process. Therefore the fish dehydrates less. Muller: “The fish tastes just as fresh as before the freezing process.”

Seafood Expo Global

During Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, the world’s largest event for the fishing industry, ENGIE exposes its DI freezer in stand #3-5662. Do you want to know how smart freezing technology can ensure maximum product quality, a more efficient production process, and minimal energy consumption? Order the free knowledge document ‘Smart IQF freezing’ now