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Fastest shrimp growth rate in aquaculture achieved. RushNet, Inc has announced that Fuel Tech, Inc. of Warrenville, IL, has published a white paper detailing the successful trial at Royal Caridea’s Gila Bend, Arizona facility suggesting that the use of Fuel Tech’s DGI® Dissolved Gas Infusion Gas Infusion technology can dramatically increase total shrimp production compared with traditional aeration methods.

For a copy of the white paper, click on the following link: https://bit.ly/FuelTechDGITrialWP

The trial included the use of Fuel Tech’s DGI® technology as a critical component of Royal Caridea’s water treatment process and resulted in the impressive growth of shrimp to 42 grams in just 90 days. This outcome demonstrated the significant potential of Fuel Tech’s innovative technology to revolutionise the aquaculture industry.

Royal Caridea’s aquaculture production technology is unique compared to other shrimp growers because of aeration by dissolved gas infusion, biology-free water reprocessing, and its 90-day benchmark. Notably, Royal Caridea is not solely producing extra-large and jumbo shrimp; its system produces 4 cycles per year using an eight stacked raceway system (SRS) based on this 90-day production cycle. This system enables rapid growth rates and low cost of goods sold, which gives Royal Caridea the potential to make their wholesale and retail pricing highly competitive for a largely unmet market of fresh never frozen and live shrimp. In contrast, outdoor producers in Texas usually target only 2 cycles within a year, and no known producer completes 3 or more harvests in a single year. The Royal Caridea system can provide fresh never frozen shrimp daily.

As previously announced, RushNet has recently signed an exclusive licensing agreement for the United States and Canada, giving them the rights to the Royal Caridea technology. Royal Caridea LLC is a limited liability company based in Arizona, established in 2009 under the laws of the state of Delaware and Arizona. The company has secured over $8 million in funding from accredited investors in both the United States and Europe and has received a significant loan from the United States Department of Aquaculture ($2.7 million USD) in 2020, which adds to its credibility. Royal Caridea LLC claims to have developed the world’s leading aquaculture technology production system.

Mr. Cunha, who was recently appointed as Chairman and CEO of RushNet, said:

“We are pleased to announce these growth rates. When a Royal Caridea aquaculture application had the need for an oxygenation process, we were pleased to have the opportunity to work with Fuel Tech as our collaborative partner.”

The water treatment system for the Royal Caridea stacked raceway using the DGI® technology allows for a dissolved oxygen (DO) set point to be independently established for each raceway. As the oxygen demand increases, additional oxygen is infused to maintain a steady DO level. Since the aeration is done using a dissolved oxygen system, oxygen is immediately available, minimal oxygen loss occurs due to bubbling off and the shrimp are provided with a consent level of oxygen to enhance shrimp growth. Using the DGI® system, it was demonstrated that the DO could be maintained at levels well beyond those achievable with other systems. Shrimp grew rapidly, and their size and colour were closely matched, with no signs of stress observed. The outgrowth was carried out at DO levels ranging from 9.5mg/L to 11.5mg/L.

Mr. Cunha emphasised the importance of carefully controlling all the parameters of the system to grow shrimp on an economic basis almost anywhere in the world. He also stressed the need to carefully distribute and monitor oxygen levels within the system, which is often overlooked. Fuel Tech’s DGI® technology proved to be highly effective, and it is expected to be installed at every location in the United States and Canada where the Royal Caridea technology is used.