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Fish and Chip Chain Achieves MSC Label

Fish and Chip Chain Achieves MSC Label – All five of the Yorkshire based Wetherby Whaler fish & chips shops have earned the coveted MSC sustainable fish certificate.

The news means that WetherbyWhaler can now use the MSC blue fish label on its haddock, assuring customers that the fish sold has been sustainably caught using sustainable methods. It also means it can be traced back to the fishermen who caught it.

Founded in 1969, The Wetherby Whaler is a family owned chain of fish and chip restaurants and takeaways, serving around 750,000 portions of haddock in their takeaway each year. They offer their diners the ‘whaler experience’, using quality skinless haddock, cooked in a crispy batter with Maris Piper potatoes. Now with their MSC certification, diners at The Wetherby Whaler can be assured the fish they are eating is be traceable to a sustainable source.

YouGov Research* with fish and chip shop customers has shown very positive support for sustainable fish – with four in five fish and chip fans believing that chippies should serve certified sustainable fish.

The Wetherby Whaler gained MSC certification by applying through the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF). The takeaways and restaurants applied for a combined NFFF quality award and MSC chain of custody certification, which is a simple and more affordable process.

Caroline Murphy, director of Wetherby Whaler, was delighted to have gained MSC certification because it demonstrates their ongoing commitment to delivering excellent customer service across the group of restaurants and takeaways, which only serve fish products from sustainable sources.

Caroline Murphy, Director of Wetherby Whaler, said: “As an MSC certified group of restaurants and takeaways, we are proud to display the industry accredited ‘blue label’ to show our customers that we support and promote sustainability and traceability of the haddock that we serve. It is important that we help to protect the fish in our oceans to ensure our nation’s favourite dish is served to future generations.”

Loren Hiller, commercial officer at the MSC, said:  “The Wetherby Whaler are leaders in the industry who clearly care about great quality sustainably sourced fish for their customers. Using the blue fish label is a great way to demonstrate their sustainability credentials. Well done!”