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GSSI welcomes FishWise to its global partnership. The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative is pleased to announce that FishWise has joined GSSI as an Affiliated Partner.

The FishWise and GSSI partnership is based on a shared belief that the seafood sector can be a positive force to sustain our oceans and the people that depend on them, and industry holds one of the key levers for change. To maximise that opportunity for change, the industry must have consistent, aligned, practical tools, and actionable guidance to effectively and efficiently surface and address the risks and issues existing across their supply chains.

“FishWise is happy to join GSSI alongside so many impactful partner organisations around the globe. We know that engaging with markets is key to improving supply chains, and GSSI is an important avenue for us to advance our work with market actors to promote and protect labour and human rights. We look forward to opportunities for powerful collaboration ahead.” – Kelley K. Bell, FishWise Social Responsibility Director.

About FishWise

FishWise’s mission is to sustain ocean ecosystems and the people who depend on them by transforming global seafood supply chains. FishWise provides seafood companies with actionable expertise to change business practices in a way that catalyses fishery and aquaculture improvements. With an in-house team of experts assisting businesses in all components of seafood sustainability, including environmental impact, social responsibility, traceability, and counter-IUU fishing, FishWise is an ideal partner for developing collaborative and complementary approaches to drive improvements throughout the seafood industry.

About GSSI

The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) is a public-private partnership working together on a common purpose: turn seafood into a driver for good to preserve oceans for future generations and drive forward more sustainable seafood for everyone. As one of the largest precompetitive collaborations in the world aligning businesses, NGOs, governments, and international organisations representing the full seafood value chain – the GSSI Global Partnership invites seafood sustainability leaders to join and become part of the solution.

For more information on the benefits of joining the GSSI Global Partnership and how to become a partner, please visit www.ourgssi.org or contact secretariat@ourgssi.org.