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Have you heard about Sustainable Restaurants?

Sustainability is a key concept that is also spreading into the hospitality industry!

Sustainable fish and seafood restaurants are becoming increasingly popular with consumers who wish to take a credible stand on sustainability issues and minimise their environmental footprint. 

How are restaurants keeping up with sustainability trends?

By sourcing their fish and seafood from certified suppliers, restaurants and other food outlets can ensure not only the  traceability of the products that they are selling but also that sustainable restaurant practices are contributing to the sustainability and environmental impact of their  operations.

If you, as a customer, decide to choose from their sustainable restaurant menu you can make a valuable positive impact on global sustainability issues. 

How does Friend of the Sea encourage eco-friendly restaurants?

Friend of the Sea’s Sustainable Restaurants project selects and rewards those restaurants, take-away and catering chains that serve Friend of the Sea certified sustainable seafood products.

Since 2008, Friend of the Sea has been working tirelessly to make sustainability a reality, by ensuring that certified fishing and aquaculture companies use sustainable fishing practices and reduce the impact of their actions on the ecosystem. In recent years, the demand for ecologically sustainable restaurants has grown and today restaurant owners must adopt a responsible supply policy. The Sustainable Restaurants project has been created by Friend of the Sea to help people find the nearest restaurants serving sustainable seafood. It satisfies a genuine consumer need and, at the same time, selects and rewards restaurants that serve at least one Friend of the Sea certified product.

Friend of the Sea helps environmentally conscious customers find the nearest restaurants serving sustainable seafood, via a dedicated App. Among the over 350 certified through their programme so far, 64 are located in the UK.
As Friend of the Sea’s Director Mr. Paolo Bray explains:
“We appreciate restaurants help in supporting seafood coming from sustainable fishing and farming practices. We will promote their environmental awareness to consumers and media globally.”