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The High Energy Mariculture Conference Europe 2018, will be held from Wednesday 17th October until Friday 19th October, in Corfu.

With depleting wild stocks and increasing global demand, farmed fish is one of the fastest growing food sectors. In the Mediterranean, 1.2 million tonnes of fish are farmed annually, with over 110,000 tonnes in Greece alone, contributing 69% of total fisheries production and 11% of Greek exports.

High Energy Mariculture, the European edition of Offshore Mariculture, will provide an invaluable platform addressing all components involved in a  successful medium to high volume production of marine finfish within the European waters.

Presentations from industry experts will cover the entire supply chain right from site selection and finance, to hatchery, farming, processing, certification and distribution.

Langley Grace, the Senior Vice President of InnovaSea, a technology and services company producing innovative, environmentally-focused sustainable solutions for the aquaculture industry.will chair the High Energy Mariculture Conference in Corfu. InnovaSea’s technology is used by Open Blue (Panama), Earth Ocean Farms (Mexico) and Blue Ocean Mariculture (Hawaii).

A respected figure within the industry, Langley has presented technical papers worldwide on the latest developments in the fish farming industry. He has briefed subcommittees for the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate on federal funding for aquaculture.

As well as chairing the conference, Langley will perform a chairman’s address on the “History and Future of High Energy Open Ocean Aquaculture”, setting the scene for the conference.