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Huon Aquaculture wins national retail contract. For the first time, Huon Ocean Trout is available to purchase in national retail — where the majority of Australians shop.

Eight of Huon’s hot and cold smoked product lines are arriving in Coles stores this week including two Ocean Trout lines which are a first in Australian retail.

Huon Aquaculture’s General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Callan Paske, said the supply into Coles will give consumers unprecedented access to Huon Ocean Trout.

“We have invested significant time and energy into securing this supply into Coles which will see Huon Ocean Trout championed in the retail space across the nation,” said Callan.

“As a company we are focused on bringing new fish species to the Australian consumer. Seeing Huon Ocean Trout in stores is a major step towards furthering this goal. The products include Huon Premium Hot Smoked Ocean Trout and Huon Premium Cold Smoked Ocean Trout.

“Huon Ocean Trout is incredibly versatile and performs really well as a value-added product due to slightly higher oil content in the fish which means it retains more moisture after smoking.

“We know that price is a big consideration for consumers when it comes to seafood which is why our range in Coles sits at an affordable premium—consumers will get a fantastic product at a great price from a leading Australian brand. Callan believes that this is just the beginning of Huon Ocean Trout’s success.

“We plan to see a range of Huon Ocean Trout products across the country in the coming years,” he concluded.