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HUON secures aquaculture License in WA off the Houtman Abrolhos Islands in Western Australia, where they plan to farm Yellowtail Kingfish.

Huon Aquaculture CEO Peter Bender said, “We are excited to begin a new chapter as we look towards commercially farming Yellowtail Kingfish. This is the beginning of a positive, and productive relationship between Huon, the local community and government. Huon recently successfully completed the first phase of a joint Kingfish trial with New South Wales Department of Primary Industries in Providence Bay, New South Wales.

“The trial has proven that not only is it possible to grow Kingfish in warm water, but the fish are an exceptional quality and grow very well. This, along with Western Australia having an abundance of suitable lease space, and being open to investment, signals the start of a long and beneficial relationship. The zone will not be used until Huon has secured a shore base, a nursery is set up, and extensive stakeholder and community engagement has been undertaken.

“To ensure the long-term success of the new farm, we will take our time and work with the local government to identify suitable locations for a shore base and new nursery. We will then install equipment on the lease in preparation for our very first batch of Western Australian-grown Kingfish.

“As this is a greenfield zone, we have an unprecedented opportunity to set up our operations in a way that has strong foundations in biosecurity, which will safeguard not only our future operations, but also those of the nearby farm.

Huon is proud to support the communities in which it operates, and has undertaken to employ locally, wherever possible, and to use local contractors. “We are excited by the opportunity to become part of the community of Geraldton,” concluded Peter Bender.



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