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A judging panel assembled by the Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador (FISH-NL) in Canada has announced three finalists for Inshore Harvester of the Year — including two fishermen from La Scie and a third from Burin.

“The quality of the dozen entries we received was outstanding,” says Merv Wiseman, a judge and outspoken search and rescue advocate. “Each and every entry was worthy of distinction, so we had to make some hard decisions.”

The three finalists include fishermen Keith Bath of La Scie, Joshua Ryan, also of La Scie, and Les Fudge of Burin. The winner will be announced at FISH-NL’s convention, scheduled for Jan. 24th at the Albatross Hotel in Gander.

“This award — the first of its kind in the province that we know of — celebrates the role of inshore harvesters in our culture, society, economy, and future as a fishing province,” said Ryan Cleary, President of FISH-NL.

FISH-NL’s convention will also include proposed amendments to strengthen its constitution, which was being challenged by the FFAW-Unifor in the province’s Supreme Court. Another proposed amendment is for term limits for FISH-NL executive members.

Elections will also be held for FISH-NL’s executive positions — including President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Captain (Under 40 Fleet), and Captain (Over 40 fleet). Nominations will take place on the convention floor.

A number of resolutions will also be debated, including a temporary halt to offshore seismic activity, and another against the installation of cameras on fishing boats.

For more details on the convention, please visit fish-nl.ca 


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