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Investment in inshore fishing

£1.5 million investment in inshore fishing

An investment in inshore fishing which will help ensure Scotland’s inshore fishermen are fishing in a sustainable way has been announced with £1.5 million technology funding for tracking devices which will enhance vessel monitoring and reporting.

The joint funding from the Scottish Government and European Union will be focused on enhancing the monitoring of vessels under 12 metres in length, along with a small number of boats undertaking research to improve the scientific evidence base.

The monitoring of vessels will help identify the location, extent, and intensity of fishing activity. That information can then be used by fishers, fisheries managers and marine planners, to better inform decisions that may impact on fish stocks and the marine environment.

Fisheries Secretary Fergus Ewing made the announcement at the Inshore Fisheries Conference in Inverness.

Mr Ewing said:

“We are taking action to modernise inshore fisheries and are introducing appropriate vessel tracking, as outlined in our Programme for Government. This programme will help underpin the future prosperity of our fleet and the many coastal communities that depend on it.

“This significant investment will not only help us make better and more responsive fisheries management decisions, but also improve interactions between fishing and other marine users.

“It’s encouraging that demand for Scottish seafood – at home and around the globe – continues to be strong. Business confidence is high, and the fisheries sector continues to take steps to improve productivity and sustainability. And despite the continuing threat and uncertainty of Brexit, it is vital we continue to invest.”

Funding is provided through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). Replacement for this fund is yet to be identified after Brexit.