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John West joins forces with UK’s leading dementia research charity to promote brain health. The UK’s leading ambient seafood brand announced its new charity partner, Alzheimer’s Research UK.

As part of the one-year collaboration, John West – which is dedicated to making healthy, natural, and sustainable seafood, with a mission to help its customers to ‘Eat Strong. Go Strong.’ – has donated £75,000 to the charity and will include its logo across 11 sardine and mackerel products from the middle of June.

The aim of the partnership is to help support the public to look after their brain health. The substantial donation from John West will help fund Alzheimer’s Research UK’s search for a cure and its Think Brain Health campaign, which educates and empowers the public about the steps they can take to look after their brains and help reduce their risk of developing dementia. The charity’s logo on John West products also includes a QR code, which enables people to find out more about dementia risk reduction.

Alzheimer’s Research UK is striving to find a cure for dementia by revolutionising the way it is treated, diagnosed, and prevented.

 Its Think Brain Health campaign is based on research showing that up to 4 in 10 dementia cases could be linked to preventable factors.  Despite this, only 3 in 10 people in the UK realise that it’s possible to reduce their risk of dementia.

One of the steps the charity recommends is eating a healthy, balanced diet, with evidence showing that heart and blood vessel health can have a significant impact on brain health. Evidence suggests that oily fish high in omega-3, such as sardines and mackerel, when eaten as part of a healthy, balanced diet, contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function and to the maintenance of normal blood pressure.

Hilary Evans, Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Research UK, said:

“We are incredibly excited to launch this partnership with John West and to work together to transform the nation’s understanding of dementia risk reduction.

“Dementia is such a devastating condition, affecting almost one million people in the UK today. We know that there are things we can all be doing to help reduce our dementia risk. But only a third of people realise this is possible, so it’s up to us to empower people to take action.

“This partnership between Alzheimer’s Research UK and John West will help put a spotlight on the benefits of brain health, which is so often overlooked, by spreading this important and empowering message through their products, and by supporting our wider Think Brain Health campaign. Together, we can help inspire a brain healthy nation. Thank you, John West, for standing with us.”

 Vikki Babb, International Marketing Director at John West, said:

“John West is proud to partner with Alzheimer’s Research UK and their Think Brain Health campaign, leveraging a shared commitment to improving brain health in the UK. Our collaboration underscores the benefits of oily fish high in omega-3 in contributing to normal brain function. We will have over 13 million packs with the Alzheimer’s Research UK logo across UK retailers.

“We will be raising awareness throughout the year in the John West office to fundraise and educate our employees about dementia and the importance of brain health.

“Ultimately our support aims to advance research and awareness of dementia, in the hope that one day a cure will be found, and families no longer have to endure the sadness and heartache of dementia.”

To learn more about the research on the link between a balanced diet and brain health, please visit Alzheimer’s Research UK’s website.