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Commercial Fishing



Labour Disowns Greenpeace Reports the NFFO

Full credit to Shadow Fisheries Minister, Luke Pollard MP, for publicly disowning Greenpeace for dumping boulders to endanger fishing vessels in the vicinity of where a fishing vessel was recently lost in tragic circumstances. Mr Pollard denounced the Greenpeace action as “tone deaf.”

The NFFO wrote to all party leaders and fisheries spokespeople asking for unequivocal criticism of Greenpeace’s reckless vigilante actions. Luke Pollard, MP for Plymouth, is the first to speak out.

Freedom of Information

Greenpeace has responded to the NFFO’s defence of fishermen by issuing a freedom of information request to the Marine Management Organisation, demanding copies of all agenda and reports on meetings with the NFFO.

We can help!

This is what we told the MMO:

“It is quite plain that Greenpeace believe that they are operating under an umbrella of impunity and will continue, and possibly escalate, illegal activities against the fishing industry at time and place of their choosing.

The fishing industry has the right to demand protection and immediate and proportionate enforcement action. Proportionate in this context means that penalties and enforcement action should be on a scale to have a dissuasive effect on Greenpeace’s future illegal activities.

You cannot but be aware of the effect that the MMO’s lack of action on this issue has on the fishing industry’s morale and perception that they are not being dealt with in an even- handed way. Greenpeace may have friends in high places and the media but this cannot abrogate the MMO from its responsibility to execute its duties fairly, proportionately and in an even handed manner.”