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Lost Fishermen's Memorial Service

Lost Fishermen’s Memorial Service held in Grimsby Minster at the weekend, as the fishermen who made Grimsby great were celebrated at a memorial service.

The flags of The Fishermen’s Mission and Armed Forces were raised by standard bearers at Grimsby Minster where families remembered lost fishermen at the annual service according to Grimsby Live.

Fishermen’s Mission Superintendent Tony Jewitt said: “We will never let this service die.

“It is all about our memories and our heritage of the fishing industry and we must keep that at the heart of everything that we do.

“It is good to see many of the former fishermen and their families, who are remembering people they have lost.”

He added: “We are a dwindling number as every year there are a few who slip off the hook, as they say.”

Chairman of the Friends of Grimsby Mission, Gill Ross said: “Everyone finds something from the service. We need this so the fishermen don’t feel abandoned. We may not be the biggest fishing port in the world we once were, but we need this to remember people.”

A collection was taken to support the work of The Mission.