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Lyme Bay king scallop fishing closure announced

Lyme Bay king scallop fishing closure announced

Fishing for King scallops will be closed to all over 10m vessels in 7d and all over 12m vessels in Lyme Bay (7e) from 15 May to 30 September 2024, and the same closure will be considered for 2025.

The decision, on behalf of all four Fisheries Administrations, follows consultation feedback, industry engagement and scientific advice on protecting stocks during spawning. For more information follow this link.

The consultation showed support for using a single consultation for closure proposals for both this year and 2025, barring any additional evidence being received which might require a further consultation for 2025.

The UKFAs are committed to ensuring fisheries are managed to a level where stocks are healthy and fished sustainably; the marine environment is protected; and economic return for fishers is maximised without impacting stock sustainability.

Scientific surveys have demonstrated that fishing for King scallops is at or above the maximum sustainable yield and action needs to be taken to ensure it remains a sustainable fishery in the future.