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MAIB publishes Annual Report 2022 .The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has published its Annual Report for 2022.

The Annual Report includes statistics for accidents involving UK ships worldwide, and foreign flag vessels and their crews in UK waters. It also provides an overview of the work of the MAIB, details of reports published during 2022 and contains an analysis of the safety recommendations issued during the year, including the status of outstanding recommendations from previous years.

During 2022, the MAIB:

  • Raised 1,263 reports of marine accidents involving 1,351 vessels
  • Commenced 16 investigations, of which 8 involved loss of life.
  • Made 38 recommendations to 21 separate addressees in 2022, with an acceptance rate of 94.7%.

A statement from the Chief Inspector can be found at the start of the report. The 2022 report also includes a spotlight feature focussing on pilot ladder safety, which has been identified as an area of concern given the data collated by the MAIB during 2022. The article highlights actions that can be taken to prevent incidents and accidents related to the use of pilot ladders.

The report can be found here on the MAIB website.


The role of the MAIB is to contribute to safety at sea by determining the causes and circumstances of marine accidents and working with others to reduce the likelihood of such accidents recurring in the future. Accident investigations are conducted solely in the interest of future safety. The Branch does not apportion blame and it does not establish liability, enforce laws or carry out prosecutions.

More information about the MAIB can be found here: