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Marine Science



Marine Directorate appoints Chief Scientific Adviser. Leading marine physicist Professor Mark Inall has been appointed as Chief Scientific Adviser to Scottish Government’s Marine Directorate.

With a distinguished career in physical oceanography spanning more than three decades, Mark’s links to the wider scientific community will ensure that Marine Directorate policy  continues to be underpinned by the best scientific evidence available.

Drawing on his extensive academic experience and networks, he will further embed scientific evidence at the centre of decision-making and provide oversight and assurance which delivers maximum impact for Scotland’s seas.

Mark will continue part time in his role as Marine Physicist at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) in Oban, maintaining valuable industry links.  He will carry out the Chief Scientific Advisor Marine role for three years,

The role of the Chief Scientific Adviser Marine is to provide independent challenge to our science advice and evidence, which informs our work across marine and freshwater policy areas.  The Chief Scientific Adviser Marine will also work with the Chief Scientific Advisor for Scotland and the Scottish Science Advisory Council to help ensure that Scottish Government has access to the best scientific advice to inform its work across all policy areas.

The Chief Scientific Adviser Marine will also be an advocate, across Scotland and further afield, of our world-leading marine and freshwater science and its potential to benefit our economy, people and environment.

The Marine Directorate has a key role to play in tackling the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. Mark’s input will be significant in mitigating their impact on the marine environment and improving marine ecosystem resilience.

We are delighted to welcome him and know his experience and expertise will provide a strong scientific lens through which to deliver the Blue Economy Vision for Scotland.

Mark said:

“Scotland has such a rich marine heritage, and a bright but complex marine future. The Scottish Government acknowledges the vital role scientific evidence plays in guiding our current and future uses of the diverse waters that surround us and the role of Chief Scientific Adviser Marine will contribute an important role in delivering that for Scottish Government.

“It is a great privilege to take up the role of Chief Scientific Adviser Marine. I look forward to the challenge and will put all my energy into it!”

About Mark

Mark Inall gained his BSc in Physics from the University of Edinburgh, followed by both MSc and PhD in Physical Oceanography from the University of Southampton. He has undertaken research at the Universities of Cambridge, Bangor and Victoria (BC).

Since 1998 he has led a marine physics research group at SAMS, with more recent responsibility for directing the Institute’s research portfolio. He co-developed Scotland’s first Marine Science BSc for the University of the Highlands and Islands. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and is Honorary Professor in the College of Science & Engineering at the University of Edinburgh.