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Marine Institute receives international accreditation for its new Data Management Quality Management Framework. The Marine Institute has recently (20th February 2019) achieved a significant milestone where it is one of the first 10 national data centres worldwide to receive the international accreditation of its Data Management Quality Management Framework by the (UNESCO) International Oceanographic Commission’s IODE programme. The IODE (International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange) programme designates national oceanographic data centres and has a central coordinating role internationally.

“The award was presented to the Institute at the IODE Session XXV in Tokyo and is the result of an extensive cross-service programme to develop data management capability and align with international marine data practice. More than 30 staff members at the Marine Institute, from across 14 teams contributed to the new quality framework,” said Eoin O’Grady, Information Services and Development Manager, Marine Institute.

Underpinning the digital capability of the Marine Institute, “the Institute further aims to become an international centre of excellence in the provision of open access, high-quality marine data and information services which meet the needs of our clients and stakeholders, advance ocean knowledge, provide integrated advice and support blue growth” Mr O’Grady said.

New digital capabilities are critical to integrated marine service delivery including areas such as oceanographic services, food safety, fisheries and marine management programmes. The IODE accreditation from the International Oceanographic Commission will underpin the quality of these services and underlines the Marine Institute’s commitment to high-quality services.

The Institute’s Digital Ocean (www.digitalocean.ie) programme is developing new digital capabilities in data management, integration, analytics and modelling to contribute to making high-quality marine data and information more readily available to support Institute service delivery to government, the national marine research and innovation community, the public and to facilitate international collaboration.

Digital technologies and data integration are of particular relevance to the Marine Institute with vast amounts of data generated through data collection, monitoring and research programmes. These data are the foundation for evolving integrated marine advice and services portfolio and to support integrated maritime policy at EU and national level. The Marine Institute aims to develop and promote open access to national datasets, data integration, online data and information services, resulting in enhanced re-use and sharing of data.

This accreditation is a key building block in developing the Institute’s digital capability as part of the Institute’s 2018-2022 strategic plan “Building Ocean Knowledge, Delivering Ocean Service” and further supports the delivery of integrated quality scientific and technical services for Ireland’s marine community.

More information on the Institute’s strategic plan “Building Ocean Knowledge, Delivering Ocean Service” is available at https://oar.marine.ie.