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NAPRAS fish farming wastewater treatment project. Alumichem A/S in partnership with DTU Aqua, Clean Matter and Drying Matter announced it has been awarded the 2nd largest (2nd application round 2023) GUDP grant for their NAPRAS – Effective Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorous (P) removal in Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) fish farming. The aim of the project is to develop and demonstrate a consolidated treatment system that reduces emissions of N in the forms of nitrate, nitrite, and nitrous oxide (greenhouse gas) and P, as well as heavy metal contaminants in RAS. The treatment implements granulated sludge technology alongside P precipitation, wet electrochemical removal of heavy metals such as Zn, Cd, and enrichment of P bioavailability, and finally drying to effectively remove >95% of N and capture >95% of P into a granular
safe fertiliser product. Alumichem is excited to lead this project with DTU Aqua, Clean Matter and Drying Matter to continue to drive innovation with wastewater treatment and sludge management of RAS in Aquaculture.

“DTU Aqua, Clean Matter and Drying Matter have been strong partners for us, and we are always happy to execute on innovative and potentially disruptive projects with them,” says Christian Bang-Møller, Chief Technology Officer at Alumichem. “This is an exciting innovation project because we are seeing the environmental discharge limits within RAS become tighter and more complex and we want to be there to support our current and future clients.”

About Alumichem A/S

Alumichem develops and provides innovative sustainable water treatment solutions to our clients with a focus on improving water quality. Alumichem is committed to ensuring that our customers achieve optimal and cost-effective results in their wastewater and water treatment processes. Their objective is to bring the best Chemistry, Technology and Knowledge to their customers, so they can enjoy the benefits of a clean sustainable solution.

About DTU Aqua

The Department of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua) researches, advises, educates and contributes to innovation in sustainable use and management of aquatic resources. DTU Aqua is an institute at the Technical University of Denmark. They conduct research into the biology and population ecology of aquatic organisms, physical and chemical processes in the aquatic environment and ecosystem structure and dynamics, taking into account all relevant natural and anthropogenic influences.

About Clean Matter

Clean Matter is focused on closing the phosphorous cycle in the circular economy. They focus on phosphorous recovery from biomass waste streams whether it is from Municipal wastewater treatment or Aquaculture. Their goal is to bring phosphorous back into the environment.

About Drying Matter

Drying Matter brings innovative and sustainable sludge dryings solutions to their clients. They convert wastewater sludge into easily manageable granules that can bring value back to the environment and the economy.

About GUDP

GUDP supports innovative projects that promote green and economic sustainability in agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture and the food industry. GUDP is a programme under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. GUDP is headed by a minister-appointed board of directors from the business community and administered by the Danish Agency for Agriculture. Each year, GUDP has two ordinary application rounds as well as special pools for specific application rounds.

For further information about Alumichem or our Research & Innovation projects please visit the website at
www.alumichem.com or contact Skage Reidar Hem at srh@alumichem.com.