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Nephrops Processors Group position statement on FIPs and market. The SAGB Nephrops Processors Group (NPG) was formed in 2020 within the Processors Group of the SAGB to allow a forum for the UK’s main Nephrops processors and brands to discuss common issues affecting the industry and market. Members include Young’s Seafood, Macduff Shellfish and Whitby Seafoods. The primary focus of the group is the delivery of the Project UK Fishery Improvement Project (FIP). The group sees FIPs as an essential tool to improve the sustainability of Nephrops fisheries and a critical means to maintain and ultimately improve market access. FIPs encourage collaborative working with all those that work in or benefit from the Nephrops fishery, including scientists and managers, in a time and cost[1]efficient way.

Group priorities

• To work collaboratively towards a successful outcome of the Project UK FIP

• Identify opportunities for the Devolved Administrations to work together to improve the management of the Nephrops fisheries and liaise with all parties on progressing this

• To promote the UK Nephrops market to consumers

• To highlight the importance of FIPs and certification in maintaining and developing key domestic and export markets.

The majority of the group are members of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) which is a pre-competitive partnership of UK seafood businesses, including all types of businesses including retailers, foodservice and seafood processors. Members work to ensure that all fish and seafood sold in the UK comes from sustainable sources. To achieve that, members agree to follows codes of conduct on how products can be described in terms of being responsible and sustainable, and what seafood cannot be sold if it is deemed as high-risk from a sustainability perspective.

Barry Harland, SAGB Nephrops Processor Group Chair said:

“It’s significant that the largest companies involved in Nephrops have come together through the SAGB to work on cross-cutting issues in the fisheries and market.  Going forward, it is vital to these businesses that the Fishery Improvement Plans are successful, we will be working together towards this collective goal.”

David Jarrad, SAGB CEO said:

“ the SAGB is delighted to facilitate the work of the Nephrops Processor Group, to help promote the collective working of the fisheries with the market, to the benefit of all in the supply chain and the environment”

FIPs provide a credible and transparent pathway towards sustainability for fisheries. FIPs not only deliver sustainability benefits but also market benefits with many retailers including FIPs in their sourcing policies and committing to source from Project UK in particular. Lidl’s sourcing policy states “Any Nephrops norvegicus (scampi) sourced for Lidl GB must be sourced from within a credible Fisheries Improvement Project”. Aldi’s sourcing policy includes, ”Fisheries with a score of less than 8, must be in a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) which has received a progress rating of ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’ on the fisheryprogress.org website.