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NESSCO Compressors for Groundbreaking Facility – Norwegian company Nessco AS has been chosen as supplier of compressor systems to the groundbreaking, closed post-smolt facility FishGLOBE v5.

FishGLOBE v5 is a closed, floating post-smolt fish farm that measures 22 metres in diameter, 19 metres tall, 3,500 cubic metres and can store 250 tonnes of fish. The facility’s objective is to produce post-smolt up to one kilogram and utilise the closed cage to protect the fish at the early stage in the ocean.

Nessco will supply compressors, air dryers, pressure tanks and filter systems that will provide valve control and catch dead fish. Nessco will also deliver a blower that will be utilised to empty the globe for fish and transfer it to a wellboat.

“We deliver some of the market’s most energy efficient air compressors and we understand that this has been a deciding factor when choosing the supplier. This is easy to understand when the FishGLOBE concept is developed with a view to make the fish farming industry more sustainable, profitable and with even better fish welfare. We are therefore very proud to be chosen as supplier to this groundbreaking project,” says Christian Ness, managing director of Nessco.

Nessco will provide the compressed air systems as a subcontractor to Sandnes-based company Icon Systems AS, who is responsible for project management and in charge of procurement and installation of all technical equipment in the globe, plus delivery of control system, instrumentation and electronics.

Nessco will deliver the equipment to Stathelle in Telenmark, where the FishGLOBE v5 facility is being built by Uponor Infra.

After construction work at FishGLOBE v5 is completed, the globe will be towed to Stavanger for installation of technical equipment. It will afterwards be towed to Oanes where the closed cage will be tested prior to the first full launch of smolt will be conducted in October, in the sea approximately 100 metres from shore in Lysefjorden.

Nessco has not disclosed the value of the contract, but underlines that the agreement is important to the company.

“You only get one chance to impress in the fish farming industry. When a company is about to launch and demonstrate that a new production concept for post-smolt works exactly as it should, it is vital to choose cooperation partners and suppliers that can offer top notch quality at competitive prices. This contract confirms that our technology is considered the most reliable in the market, and that is why it is strategically important to us,” says Torbjørn Vindenes, Nessco’s regional manager for Hordaland and Rogaland.

Nessco is Norway’s biggest total supplier of compressors, vacuum pumps, blowers and associated services. Within the fish farming industry the company provides vacuum pumps for production of fish feed, compressors, vacuum pumps and blowers to feeding systems, side channel blowers for hatcheries, vacuum and compressor solutions to fish production sites, and compressors for use in algae control.

Nessco’s head office is located in Oslo, Norway, and the company also has a countrywide network of sales and service offices.