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New boost for FishWise in combating labour abuse in seafood sector. FishWise has announced new leadership and a $934,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation to advance its work against labour abuses and modern-day slavery in seafood.

Tobias Aguirre, CEO of FishWise stated, “Hiring Lori Bishop demonstrates our deepening commitment to improve human rights issues in seafood. We are excited to have her lead our Social Responsibility Division and guide the important work that lies ahead.”

Lori Bishop brings to her new role over 15 years of leading social change initiatives. Prior to joining FishWise, Bishop created Humanity United’s largest anti-slavery programs, including a groundbreaking initiative to engage corporations, investors and others in a proactive fight against modern slavery. These programs operated across sectors, with a focus on palm oil, gold, and seafood. Through this work – at the intersection of philanthropy, human rights, and sustainable supply chains – Bishop spearheaded prize-winning journalism, the development of due diligence tools, engagement with civil society actors globally, and relationships with Fortune 500 companies.

“For several years, FishWise has played a leading role in bringing labour, human rights, and environmental organizations together to build understanding and alignment,” continued Aguirre. “Now, with Lori’s leadership, renewed funding from the Walmart Foundation, and a broad coalition of partners, our organization is committed to achieving an integrated vision for seafood that addresses people, planet, and profit.”

Human rights issues in seafood have been exposed to the world and people are looking for credible solutions that can be implemented now. Seafood companies throughout supply chains are requesting guidance to go beyond basic legal requirements to more responsible practices. To convert this momentum into action, FishWise, with funding support from the Walmart Foundation, released the Roadmap for Improving Seafood Ethics (RISEseafood.org) in March 2019. RISE offers actionable steps to address labour conditions in supply chains and make improvements to protect workers – to not just mitigate regulatory and reputational risks but to also define an ethical ceiling.

“Supporting pathways for companies to responsibly source seafood is a crucial component in helping improve labour conditions in the supply chain,” said Rebecca Westover, Senior Manager of Strategic Initiatives for Walmart.org. “FishWise has a trusted reputation for fostering leadership within the seafood industry to improve sustainability through its convening power and ability to equip the industry with practical tools. They are well-positioned to help propel the system-wide change needed in this area.”

With this new funding, the Walmart Foundation is supporting FishWise to further develop and refine the RISE platform, grow sector-wide engagement through this valuable tool, and build alignment with other international initiatives.