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New chief technology officer for AKVA group. AKVA group’s current SVP Technology and Development, Trond Severinsen, is planning to resign after more than 25 years with the company during first half of the year. AKVA group has thus been on the search for a new key player.

Espen Fredrik Staubo has a Dr. of Science degree in Nuclear Physics and an extensive management experience from a number of international businesses, including McKinsey, Elkem and Elopak. Between 1997 and 2005 he worked for Stolt Sea Farm, including four years as President for the company’s European business. He has also been the CEO of the US based aquaculture company Low Salinity, where he was hired to build up the company’s land based seafood production.

Staubo’s scientific background, combined with his extensive international experience and first-hand knowledge of the aquaculture industry, makes him an ideal candidate for AKVA group.

“AKVA group has been a pioneer and technology driver in the aquaculture industry for more than 45 years. Our ability to offer innovative solutions that break the ground for new opportunities in the industry, streamline daily work operations and promote good fish welfare, is fundamental for us in order to succeed. Mr. Staubo will play an important role going forward and we are excited to welcome him to the team. With his qualifications I am confident that we as a company will continue putting our mark on the industry,” says CEO Hallvard Muri.

Espen Fredrik Staubo is 58 years old and resides in Oslo. He came from the position as Chief Technology Officer in Elopak, a company he has been with since 2012.

“AKVA group is an exciting company with a solid position in the industry. The company is currently working on several promising development processes and has made sustainable development a premise for all innovation. This makes up a solid foundation with a significant potential that I am looking forward to help develop further,” says Staubo.

Photo courtesy AKVA group


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