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Marine Science


New Environmental Manager for Hampidjan

Georg Haney has been hired as environmental manager at Hampidjan, but he has worked in Hafró’s fishing gear research for the past decade.

Georg is of German descent, from the city of Jena in Germany, but first came to Iceland in 2006 as an exchange student in the Erasmus program. Apart from the mother tongue German, Georg speaks English and Icelandic as a native.

“I studied mining engineering at the University of Freiberg in Saxony. After I came to Iceland, I decided to study for a master’s degree in environmental and resource science at the University of Iceland, ”says Georg, but after graduating with a master’s degree in 2010, his first job was in the project management of the Westfjords Nature Center.

“I found out that I like life in Iceland. I got a job as a specialist in fishing gear at the Marine Research Institute in Ísafjörður in 2012 but the job was then moved to Hafnarfjörður and I decided to move. The projects were related to the environmental impact of fishing gear, their selectivity and the life cycle and debris in the sea. I was also in charge of research fishing gear for the MRI’s stock assessment. ”

“On behalf of Hampidjan, I will be in charge of environmental issues and related projects for the parent company and the group’s subsidiaries. These issues are becoming an increasingly important part of Hampidjan’s operations, as the ambition to do better is great both within the Hampidjan Group and with the shipping companies.”

The biggest tasks ahead are to implement Hampidjan’s global environmental policy and their certification, but the group’s two companies, Hampidjan Baltic and Hampiðjan Ísland, are already certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

“At the same time, we need to work on various projects that deal with the life cycle of fishing gear, environmentally friendly fishing, product development and fishing gear materials, and how to receive used fishing gear, sort it and recycle it, ” says Georg.

“The goal is for all subsidiaries to work according to the same quality standard. The fishing gear itself is not environmentally certified, but the companies that produce it. I am very interested in how the product development will be in the coming semesters and years, and Hampidjan has all the potential to lead this development.”

Source: https://hampidjan.is/frettir/frett/georg-haney-radinn-umhverfisstjori-hampidjunnar