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A new farming zone in Storm Bay off Bruny Island, created by the Tasmanian Government has been welcomed by Huon Aquaculture.
CEO Peter Bender said Huon would now formally apply for a lease to farm finfish in a particular section of the zone.(The 230Ha preferred lease site is situated East of Yellow Bluff, 1.5km from the Bruny Island shore).“We have worked for many years to secure a new farming zone in Storm Bay which will allow us to meet our long-term vision of sustainably expanding offshore.
The location of Huon’s preferred lease site has been informed through extensive engagement with stakeholders and community members conducted over many years. “As a direct result of our community engagement we moved the preferred lease site, including at the request of a near neighbour.”
Further details regarding the engagement undertaken can be found in Huon’s Environmental Impact Statement.
“Our next step is to formally submit a lease application to State Government which will then be considered against the Storm Bay off Trumpeter Bay North Bruny Island Marine Farming Development Plan.
Huon has been farming in Storm Bay since 2014 and has invested more than $75m in capital to support the Company’s current operations in Storm Bay including the new hatchery at Whale Point.
By 2050 the global population is estimated to be close to 10 billion. Generating sufficient protein to feed this growing population will be a major challenge but is one that Huon believes can be met through aquaculture.
Currently only 6% of protein for human consumption comes from fish and other seafood, despite 70% of the Earth’s surface being
covered by oceans. Huon’s ongoing investment in new aquaculture technologies and processes means we are ready for the next stage of our growth while maintaining the long term, sustainability of our business and the environments where we operate.
Huon is committed to the ‘Huon Way’ of ethical farming, so we earn our social licence to operate safely, sustainably and profitably with the broad support of the local communities where we work and the wider public. In recognition of this commitment, Huon became the first salmon farmer to be RSPCA approved in 2018.
Frances and Peter Bender were recently announced as joint winners of the 2018 Australian Farmer of the Year award.