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Commercial Fishing



New magazine explores sustainable fisheries.  23% of worldwide catches, that is, 30 million tons of fish are thrown overboard every year. In most cases, the fish don’t survive. A wasteful practice that needs to stop and will stop in Europe.

The landing obligation, which compels fishermen to bring to shore all catches, fully entered into force in January. This will end the unsustainable practice of throwing unwanted fish back into the sea.

Researchers have anticipated the market’s needs and have been working on creating innovative fishing gears. Fishermen across Europe are investing in selective nets that allow them to better target their fishery and reduce unwanted catches. The landed fish that is not suitable for direct human consumption will not go to waste either. It can be used to produce fish meal, fish oil, pet food, food additives, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

A Euronews team has recently visited fishermen and researchers in Sweden and France and tagged along fishing trips to film their innovations in action. This is the first episode of the brand new TV series Ocean, which premiered on Friday and can be watched online.

Ocean explores the themes of pollution and marine life, the blue economy, sustainable fishing, aquaculture, climate change, ocean energy and more. We also look at the policies and projects designed to protect our seas.