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New podcast on maritime safety launches during Maritime Safety Week. To mark the start of Maritime Safety Week, The Seafarers’ Charity are delighted to announce they are funding five episodes of a new maritime safety podcast ‘Sea Views’. This collaboration with The CHIRP Charitable Trust aims to provide valuable insights and foster dialogue on safety within the international professional maritime community.

Sea Views aims to be an engaging podcast that will delve into pressing matters on maritime safety, featuring thought-provoking interviews with industry experts. The podcast is hosted by the passionate advocate for positive behaviour change in the sector, Julia Gosling, who brings her extensive 20-year experience in maritime safety and search and rescue.

Julia is joined by co-host Adam Parnell, Director of the CHIRP Maritime Programme. Adam explained why he is adopting this increasingly popular podcasting format:

“CHIRP’s mission is to share insights, raise awareness, and save more lives at sea. While we already circulate our written reports worldwide, podcasts offer a unique opportunity to absorb information and reach a broader audience within the maritime industry, regardless of location.”

Deborah Layde, Chief Executive described her aspirations for the new podcast focusing on maritime safety:

“We hope Sea Views will offer a platform for stimulating discussions on creating a safer working environment at sea. The range of vessels and subjects it will cover will be broad and diverse from container to cruise ships to fishing vessels and super yachts. Our funding of this podcast on maritime safety is part of our plans to focus our resources on improving safety for everyone who works at sea.”

The first three episodes are now available for download:

  1. CHIRP Maritime:Julia interviews Adam Parnell, shedding light on the importance of utilising the anonymous incident and accident reporting system offered by CHIRP. Discover how the data from thousands of reported incidents annually contributes to enhancing safety at sea worldwide.
  2. Marine Pilot Safety: With seven fatalities in 2023 alone, this episode delves into the risks associated with working as a marine pilot. Join the conversation with marine pilot Arie Palmers and Andrew Moll, Chief Inspector at the UK government’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, as they discuss key issues and potential solutions to make piloting safer.
  3. Green Fuels in Shipping and the Future of Seafarer Training & Safety: Julia engages in an insightful conversation with Jeff Parfitt, Head of Safety & Environment at The Nautical Institute, exploring the impact of green fuels and the challenges of keeping seafarer training and safety up to date amidst rapid changes.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes that will explore critical maritime safety subjects such as:

  • International search and rescue and who looks after the rescuers?
  • Bullying and sexual harassment at sea – can better leadership skills on ships help improve the situation for seafarers?

Exciting developments in international fishing safety to reduce the tragic death toll in this huge global industry.

It is anticipated that Sea Views will become an invaluable resource for maritime professionals and enthusiasts seeking to stay informed about industry developments and contribute to fostering a safer environment at sea.

Listen to the podcast Sea Views