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Commercial Fishing



New trawlers for Royal Greenland progressing well. The building process of two new factory trawlers for Royal Greenland is progressing according to plan, says the company, and a few weeks ago, the combination trawler Avataq was launched to the water for the first time.

“It is a moving moment every time” says Brian Thrysøe, Technical Manager in trawler division who was attending the launch and following ceremony together with representatives for the future crew, trawler division, sales and the management.

Royal Greenland has two trawlers under construction at the yard Murueta de Astilleros in Bilbao, Spain. Both vessels are joining the fishery in 2019. First will be Trawler Sisimiut in May and then Trawler Avataq in November.

The global presence of Royal Greenland has its origins in the vast areas of the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. Their fleet of large ocean-going trawlers fish in the rich fishing grounds between Greenland and Eastern Canada, east of Greenland and as far to the North East as the Barents Sea.

Ashore in Western Greenland, and in Newfoundland and Quebec in Canada, independent fishermen land their catches to one of their more than 40 land-based facilities and factories spread along the coastlines. This local proximity allows Royal Greenland to access a variety of delicious, fresh seafood and sustains thousands of workplaces in the local communities.

In the global markets, local sales organisations develop the markets, advise customers and act as vital links between the supply from the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean and market-specific demands. Local sales teams are supported by local quality departments, as well as marketing and business development competences, ensuring a deep understanding of local customer and consumer needs.

The company is committed to creating prosperity and development for the fishing communities that deliver their seafood, combining fishing with processing, logistics and sales in bringing high-quality, wild-caught seafood from catch to consumers – implementing their deeply rooted experience of the trade, every step of the way.