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NFFF call for Pragmatic Approach to Calorie Labelling – The National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) is supporting efforts by the British Takeaway Campaign (BTC) urging the Government to exempt restaurants and takeaways with fewer than five outlets from mandatory calorie labelling.

And for restaurants with between five and ten outlets, the BTC is calling on Government to allow a two-year delay before mandatory calorie labelling is required.

The NFFF says it supports the Government in its efforts to promote healthier eating. But it is also important that its plans are rolled out in a way that is sensitive to the financial impact on small businesses .

Immediate, uniform and compulsory enforcement of these proposals would put a disproportionate and unfair burden on businesses such as fish and chippers, as they do not have the infrastructure or income needed to implement full-scale calorie labelling

The British Takeaway Campaign has proposed a three-tiered approach to implementing calorie labelling, which supports the spirit of the Government’s proposals, but without threatening small business owners:

  • for restaurants and takeaways with fewer than five outlets, calorie labelling should be on a voluntary basis only
  • for restaurants with five to ten outlets, a delay of two years once the new regulations come into force, to adopt calorie labelling on a mandatory basis;
  • calorie labelling to be mandatory from day one for all other takeaways and restaurants.

The Campaign is also calling for the government to make an online calorie calculator (as already exists in Scotland and Northern Ireland) available to all takeaways. This will enable takeaway owners to provide calorie information to customers without incurring punitive costs.