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No Deal in Scallop Wars

No deal in scallop wars as British and French fishermen failed to reach an agreement over the dispute in the English Channel.

Industry leaders met in Paris this weekend and could not reach a final deal in the negotiations for a compensation package to ease the tension in the channel.

The agreement, formed in principle in London earlier last week was based on smaller UK fishing vessels agreeing not to fish in the disputed area whilst French laws prevent the French fleet from fishing the same waters.

However the British fishermen do not want to lose out financially and were seeking a compensation package which the French authorities found to be too high a cost, which led to the ‘no deal in scallop wars’ negotiations.

Tensions escalated over scallop fishing in the Baie de Seine in August when 35 French boats confronted five British vessels off the coast of northern France, stones and smoke bombs were reported as being being thrown at UK fishing crews.

Ingrid Parrot, a French local government spokesperson, said: “Things were thrown on both sides.”

British fishermen can legally fish in the disputed area in the “Baie De Seine”, all year round as long as the vessels are less than 15m.

Further talks are expected to take place next week to try to thrash out an agreement, however the meeting has not yet been confirmed.