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North Yorkshire chippy frying high in China. A North Yorkshire chippy that has become a must-visit destination for Chinese tourists is “frying high” in one of the country’s major southern cities.

Scotts Fish & Chips at Bilborough, near York, has now been joined by sister-venue, Scotts Chengdu, and is already proving a smash with locals craving a portion of Britain’s favourite dish.NORTH YORKSHIRE CHIPPY

Scotts owner Tony Webster has signed a collaboration deal with a consortium of Chinese businessmen, led by Jimmy Yu, to open Scotts in the city, which is the capital of the southwestern province of Sichuan.

Since Chinese President Xi Jinping was treated to fish and chips by former British Prime Minister David Cameron in 2015, visiting a chippy is now seen as a must-do for Chinese tourists visiting the country, and last year, Scotts’ became the chippy of choice for scores of coach parties passing through Yorkshire.


Tony Webster said: “At the beginning of last year we decided to tap into the Chinese tourist market and teamed up with Chinese national, Will Zhuang, to help promote the venue to Chinese tour groups in China planning UK visits.

“Because of this, and the number of Chinese tour parties visiting us, we grabbed local, national and international headlines, including in the Chinese state media.

“This led to an approach by Jimmy and his partners, keen to replicate our business in their country. I’m delighted to say Scotts Chengdu is now open for business and serving fish and chips to a city of seven million people.

“Jimmy and I have formed a great working partnership and we are both really excited about this venture. We are very hopeful this will be the first of a chain of Scotts Fish & Chips across China and the Far East.

“Later this month, I will be making my first visit to our Chinese chippy, which I’m very much looking forward to. Whist the restaurant certainly has a space-age look to it, the fish and chips are very Scotts!”

Jimmy Yu from Scotts Chengdu, said: “I am very happy to introduce Scotts Fish & Chips Restaurant to Chengdu, China, and introduce traditional British food to Chinese diners.

“Chinese customers can now enjoy the authentic British taste here, at Scotts, Chengdu Taikoo Li, replicating the original Yorkshire recipe and creating one of the best fish and chips in China.


“We only source from the best reliable and sustainable suppliers, and strictly select high quality fishes – cod, sole and haddock, to ensure that the freshest, tender fish texture, and the fullest tastes, are brought to the diners.

“Scotts ‘secret recipe’ allows us to make the fried fish crispy, crunchy and not greasy at all. The tenderness is achieved through the exact temperature and time control by our experienced kitchen team.”

“In addition to the classic salt and vinegar, tartar sauce and ketchup, we have developed a new sauce using the unique local Sichuan spices, which gives customers a whole new experience of ‘East meets West’ through the taste buds.

“To go with the traditional fish and chips, we have selected a range of craft beers from all over the world.”

Hong Kong born Mr Yu said: “This is the ‘golden age’’ of cross nation partnerships in this global business era.

“I hope that Scotts Fish and Chips will be able to bring Chinese friends, who have not had the opportunity to visit Britain, to know about British food culture and strengthen cultural sharing through a delicious dining experience.”

Further information about Scotts Fish and Chips is available from its website, https://scottsfishandchips.co.uk/york-menu/