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Norwegian mackerel fishery picking up

Mackerel fishing for Norwegian boats is starting to pick up, according to pelagic group,  Norges Sildesalgslag.

At the end of last week, as many as five boats are heading out to sea to search for mackerel.

The coastal boats have caught a total of 362 tonnes last week. The fishing takes place from Møre and southwards. In addition, a good amount of mackerel was caught from foreign boats.

Just over 14,000 tonnes of North Sea herring were caught, from both Norwegian and foreign boats. Fishing was mostly in the British zone, and some in the Norwegian zone. There was a good size of mackerel caught in the British zone, this fish was mostly for consumption. The Norwegian fish was smaller and has gone mostly to flour and oil.

The weather wasn’t been the best last week, but it got better towards the weekend.

A full 212 tonnes of NVG (spring spawning) herring were fished. 30 tonnes came from the fishing vessel Storholm, the rest from foreign boats.

395 tonnes of sea spart were caught, all fished by Storeknut. The fishing took place in the south of the North Sea. There have also been bad weather conditions here. This year’s quota of 10,000 tonnes is distributed among 18 vessels that have been allowed to sail. The quota is set at 550 tonnes per vessel.

Source: https://www.sildelaget.no/no/media/nyhetsarkiv/siste-nytt/fiskets-gang-uke-32/