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Ocean 14 Capital Fund I providing transformative investment into the global Blue Economy

Ocean 14 Capital Fund I, focusing exclusively on the multi-trillion-dollar ‘blue economy’, has announced it has closed on €201 million to support its mission of funding sustainable solutions to improve ocean health.

The Ocean 14 Capital Fund is focused on driving a sustainable and regenerative “blue economy” – a sector that uses ocean resources for economic growth and preservation. Following the closing at the end of March, the impact fund has added a host of large institutional investors to its already high-profile list.

The world’s largest food and beverage company NestléHQ Capital and The Green Earth Impact Fund managed by Schroders and BlueOrchard have recently invested in the fund, positioning it as the largest in the blue economy.

Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 14: Life Below Water as a guiding principle, Ocean 14 Capital Fund invests in entrepreneurs and businesses with big ideas around aquaculture and alternative proteins, reducing plastic waste pollution, protecting ecosystems and marine flora, and ending overfishing.

The Fund aims to act as a tidal surge to supercharge the blue economy, which is expected to be worth $3 trillion by 2030, according to the OECD. At the same time, it will provide jobs to 40 million people (OECD;pg2).

“The world’s oceans have suffered from overfishing, pollution, and climate change, resulting in the dramatic loss of marine habitats. That’s why we are delighted to collaborate with the Ocean 14 Capital Fund I, a visionary partner that is at the forefront of exploring this field. Together, we aim to drive innovation and create positive change by preserving and harnessing the power of the ocean’s resources to ensure a more sustainable future. We recognise the potential within the blue economy and are dedicated to seizing the opportunities it presents,” said Dan Smith, Head of Nestlé Purina’s Global Business Unit.

“We are thrilled to be investors in the Ocean 14 Fund I which marks a key milestone as The Green Earth Impact Fund’s first dedicated investment in the Blue Economy. Green Earth Impact Fund which is jointly managed by BlueOrchard and Schroders aims to create broad based climate impact in areas including ocean and land-based preservation and restoration. We believe this investment has great potential to deliver on our impact goals while also generating attractive financial returns,” said Natalie Wong, Investment Director, Schroders Capital and Daniel Freedman, Senior Portfolio Manager, BlueOrchard.

“Oceans are the critical life-support system for life on earth. The ocean provides half the oxygen we breathe, it absorbs half the carbon, it feeds the world, it employs hundreds of millions of people. If it’s not functioning it will be game over for humanity. Institutions are now awakening to the fact that we need to overhaul the capital market to stand a chance of averting the climate crisis,” said Chris Gorell Barnes, co-founder of Ocean 14 Capital Limited.

“That is why the Ocean 14 Capital Fund was launched, to bring in the necessary capital to transform the blue economy and make it sustainable and regenerative, to protect and restore the oceans health and make sure this vital economy can prosper. It’s a huge testament to the team and their strategy that in this environment, they have obtained investment from like-minded investors who share the desire to make a difference – to help preserve a flourishing ocean, maintain precious marine ecosystems, and protect global food security across the globe. Looking forward, the most sustainable businesses will be the most valuable so this is an exciting investment opportunity encapsulating innovation and technology to create truly transformational businesses,” added Gorell Barnes.

“The fundraising for the Ocean 14 Capital Fund has been a tremendous success, we are grateful for the support of all our investors especially in this current fundraising environment, with the ongoing succession of macro and geopolitical challenges. We are proud of our diverse LP base and appreciative of their conviction in our team and strategy and their trust in us,” added Sheila Gungadin, Head of Investor Relations at Ocean 14 Capital.

Source: https://ocean14capital.com/2024/05/10/ocean-14-capital-fund-i-reaches-hard-cap-of-e200-million-providing-transformative-investment-into-the-global-blue-economy/