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Ocean Outcomes Japan merges with Seafood Legacy. To most effectively lead the sustainable seafood movement in Japan, Ocean Outcomes have joined forces with Seafood Legacy by merging Ocean Outcomes’ Japan Program with Seafood Legacy.

Through this new partnership, the two organisations will collaborate closely to develop, execute, and deliver sustainable seafood, fisheries, and aquaculture initiatives both in Japan and across the greater Northeast Asian region.

“This partnership is a decisive step towards growth in the Japanese sustainable seafood movement. It strengthens the knowledge between producers and markets, and connects O2’s on-the-ground fishery improvement work with Seafood Legacy’s buyer engagement initiatives,” said Shigo Suzuki, Owner of Marukin Co., Ltd.

Seafood Legacy, led by President Hanaoka Wakao, and Ocean Outcomes Japan, led by Shunji Murakami, have worked closely over the past four years on a number of fishery projects and Japanese buyer engagement initiatives. With this merger — through which Mr. Murakami joins Seafood Legacy as Vice President and COO — these projects and initiatives will continue to deliver sustainability outcomes in key Japanese fisheries and seafood supply chains.

This includes, for example, in the Tokyo Bay Sea Perch FIP and the Nachi Katsuura Albacore Longline Tuna FIP, both of which are implementing a five year improvement workplan to transition to sustainability. Just last month each project received an “A – Advanced Progress” rating on fisheryprogress.org by demonstrating positive change and improved on-the-water fishing practices.

“Seafood Legacy and Ocean Outcomes have helped us drive Japanese fishery and aquaculture improvements through FIPs and AIPs, both of which are newer concepts in Japan. We applaud this new partnership, which will even better support sustainable seafood in our country,” said Kumie Wama, VP for Corporate Affairs at Seiyu GK.

Other joint projects include the Miyagi Onagawa Coho Salmon AIP, and the Tomamae Giant Pacific Octopus FIP, as well as a number of buyer and industry engagement initiatives with partners such as Seiyu, a Japanese subsidiary of Walmart.

Together, Ocean Outcomes and Seafood Legacy will continue to lead the sustainable seafood movement in Japan, transitioning Japanese seafood producers and suppliers towards global best practices.

Seafood Legacy is a Tokyo-based social venture established in 2015 specializing in sustainable seafood and fisheries. Seafood Legacy provides sustainable seafood consulting services to marine-related businesses, producers and NGOs to strengthen the connections of marine ecosystems, economies and local communities. Seafood Legacy designs regional solutions which meet international standards and are tailored to the unique Japanese environment via a non-competitive platform designed to solve mutual issues facing various stakeholders. www.seafoodlegacy.com


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