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Marine Science



Oceans reach hottest ever temperature – Comment from Cognizant Ocean tech expert, Stig Martin Fiskå.  Hotter oceans are already affecting marine species and fish stocks, which will have a significant impact on the 3.3bln people around the world whose livelihood is connected to the ocean. By applying technology such as AI and robotics in the aquaculture and fishing industries for example, some of these impacts can be significantly mitigated.

With emissions causing rising temperatures, the shipping industry is also under the spotlight, with 42% of existing tanker, dry bulk and container ships set to be out of compliance with Carbon Intensity Index (CII) regulations if they do not change their speeds or specifications by 2026. In these scenarios, AI and digital twins can be deployed to significantly improve the efficiency of operations, reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

Stig Martin Fiskå, Global Head of Cognizant Ocean:

“The impacts of over-exploitation and climate change have degraded the ocean’s health, making it more difficult for industries that rely on it to run their businesses predictably and profitably. With 3.3bn of the world’s population having a livelihood or connection to the ocean, this news is a stark reminder of the urgent need to restore the oceans’ health. AI technology has a critical role to play, with the ability to help decarbonise the oceans and mitigate the impacts of climate change on their ecosystems.

“The use cases for AI to improve our oceans’ health go beyond what many of us might have ever been able to imagine previously. For example, AI and perception technology can be used to optimise fish farming practises to better understand fish and help farmers gauge when they are hungry. This will help increase feeding precision, not only to support their bottom line, but to reduce the amount of carbon released by uneaten food. Farmers will additionally be able to analyse data on fish populations, fishing patterns, and environmental conditions to optimise fishing strategies.

“While it’s no secret that technology itself is the cause for many of today’s environmental challenges, there’s no doubt that it also holds the key to overcoming them. It is vital businesses recognise and take advantage of its power soon before it’s too late.”