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Order intake up for AKVA group in fourth quarter of 2018. AKVA group, the Norwegian fish farm equipment manufacturer, completed the fourth quarter of 2018 with growth in revenue and order intake, although profits were down.

The revenue in fourth quarter of 2018 ended on 726 MNOK (557 MNOK) with an EBITDA of 57 MNOK (60 MNOK). Fourth quarter EBITDA margin was 7.8% (10.8%). The Net Profit decreased from 27 MNOK in Q4 2017 to 19 MNOK in Q4 2018.

AKVA group is ending the quarter with an order backlog of 1.4 BNOK. A half-yearly dividend of 0.75 NOK per share will be paid out in March 2019.

Egersund Net contributed with a revenue of 152 MNOK and an EBITDA of 25 MNOK in the quarter. Compared to last year, margins have been lower in ASA Nordic due to ongoing manufacturing issues at suppliers, which have caused increased barge costs and the implementation of new manufacturing lines at Helgeland Plast has led to lower efficiency. On the positive side, Service and After sales has been strong in ASA in the fourth quarter. The order intake in the Nordic region ended on 498 MNOK in the quarter including Egersund Net 198 MNOK, compared to 205 MNOK in Q4 2017.

The high market activity in Americas continues and the region had an order intake of 171 MNOK in the quarter, compared to 138 MNOK in Q4 2017. AKVA group North America signed a sales and supply contract with Grieg NL in Q3 2018 for sale of barges. The contract is not included in the order backlog yet, pending finalization of design work. Following the continued good activity and high order backlog, Q4 2018 revenues in Americas were 177 MNOK compared to 127 MNOK in Q4 2017.

Photo courtesy AKVA group