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Commercial Fishing



Pronomar contributes to COVID-19 hygiene measures for fishing industries. The fishing and fish processing industries are crucial parts of the seafood value chain, in which hygiene is subject to very strict measures. Especially since the arrival of the COVID-19 virus, these measures have reached new peaks and organizations are expected to tighten up all regulations and guidelines concerning hygiene. Pronomar, supplier of drying systems, has noticed an increasing interest coming from fisheries and fish processors since the onset of the Coronavirus.

“Companies are looking for all types of ways to improve the hygiene within their organization. Properly washing, drying and airing the workwear is naturally a crucial part in this process. If fishing gear or freezer clothing remains damp for too long because of condensation or perspiration, bacteria will start to grow and enlarge the risk of diseases and contamination.” said Loran Broekmans, Sales Manager Food.

Pronomar has been providing drying systems to fishing trawlers and organizations within the fish processing industry for quite some time, ensuring that their clothing can be dried quickly and thoroughly. Additionally, working in comfortable and dry work gear improves the resistance of workers and decreases susceptibility to diseases.

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