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‘Release THE KRAKEN!’ Revo Foods unveils the first plant-based octopus alternative.  The Austrian FoodTech start-up Revo Foods celebrates the success of a crowd investment campaign with the launch of a culinary innovation. Revo Foods announces the product launch of their latest creation: ‘THE KRAKEN – Inspired by Octopus’. This represents the world’s first plant-based alternative to octopus tentacles, made from fungi-protein (mycoprotein).

The start-up decided to launch a first limited edition of ‘THE KRAKEN – Inspired by Octopus’ since their first crowd investment campaign started with great success: The company has already raised more than 1.1 million euros.

What is the story of ‘THE KRAKEN – Inspired by Octopus’?

In addition to its appealing appearance and its authentic smell, taste and texture, the nutritional profile is very attractive: ‘THE KRAKEN’ has a Nutriscore ‘A’, a high protein content, high omega-3 fatty acid content, and a high amount of fibre.

Niccolo Galizzi, Head of FoodTech of Revo Foods GmbH said:

“Octopus tentacles, with their intense colour and distinct suckers, are a very special product with an exciting look. So far, there has been no realistic alternative on the market. ‘THE KRAKEN’ has the potential to be a real enrichment for octopus fans!”

The new Revo creation is ready to eat but can also be heated (grilled, fried, baked…). ‘THE KRAKEN’ is suitable for recreating traditional octopus dishes but plant-based. This allows some classics of Mediterranean cuisine to be prepared, such as a plant-based version of the Spanish ‘Pulpo a la Gallega’ or a Greek ‘Octopus Salad’.

Up to 200.000 tons of octopus are consumed each year in the EU. Documentaries like ‘My Octopus Teacher’ (Netflix) have created more understanding, interest, and empathy for these social animals with three hearts and nine brains. Today, many octopus fans avoid consuming these fascinating animals. With ‘THE KRAKEN’, there is a plant-based alternative now to the delicious tentacles. Given the ecological crisis and ocean pollution, the demand for more sustainable alternatives – without toxin contamination – is increasing.

Mycoprotein, the sustainable and nutrient-rich main ingredient, requires significantly less processing compared to common raw ingredients in plant-based alternative products, preserving more micronutrients and vitamins. Because of the natural ‘fibrousness’ of mycoprotein it takes less processing to create textures and mouthfeel. Ideal for environmentally and health-conscious fish lovers. Although there are already alternatives for some animal products, there has been a lack of realistic alternatives for ‘Whole-Cut’ products. With ‘THE KRAKEN’, Revo Foods demonstrates the creative potential of new technologies for diverse and high-quality food production.

Online sales in the EU start from March 15th, 2024

‘THE KRAKEN’ is available from March 15th exclusively in the Revo online shop, delivering to most European countries: Austria, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Sweden.

Dr. Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods GmbH said:

“With a little bit of creativity and technological know-how – and an obsession for seafood, anything is possible. If we continue like this, we can soon offer an entire plant-based seafood paella! “

Investment in Revo Foods 3D food printing technology possible

An investment in Revo Foods is possible until April 17th, 2024. The start-up has already raised more than two-thirds of the funding maximum of 1.5 million EUR, which highlights public interest in the new technology and the mission of Revo Foods. Investments in Revo Foods are made through the Germany-based green-tech investment platform FunderNation.eu.

Revo Foods offers new technology as a solution to ecological challenges in the food industry. With this financing round, the Revo-Crew is currently expanding its production capacities for their 3D food printing technology, to start large-scale production of ‘THE FILET – Inspired by Salmon’ (2.0) in the fall of 2024.

About Revo Foods

In September 2023, the Vienna-based startup (founded in 2021) caused a worldwide sensation with the first 3D-printed food in supermarkets, ‘THE FILET – Inspired by Salmon’ (1.0), confirming the interest of European Supermarkets and end consumers (Proof of Technology and Proof of Product). The FoodTech start-up was already market leader for fish alternatives in Austria in 2022 and has been financed 7 million EUR so far. The Revo Crew is an international team of 35 scientists and engineers on a mission to sustainably revolutionise the food industry.