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Rockfish partners with Gloucester Services in innovative scheme. Sustainable seafood business Rockfish has partnered with Gloucester Services to launch an innovative virtual fishmonger and seafood counter.

This unique collaboration seeks to change the way people buy seafood in Britain, by offering a more sustainable and fresher way of buying fish.

The new concept allows customers to choose fish and seafood from a digital, on-screen fish counter linked to the Rockfish Online Seafood Market. Customers ordering before 1pm Monday-Thursday or before 12pm Friday, will receive next day delivery.

Mitch Tonks, founder and CEO of Rockfish explained:

“Our aim is to share a sustainable way of enjoying world class seafood. Historically, there’s a lot of waste in the industry and challenges around fresh delivery.

“Our zero-waste supply chain and digital market shares the very best of that day’s catch that will be delivered to your doorstep wherever you are cooking.”

Rockfish are based directly on the quayside in Brixham, where they select the best of the day’s catch from the fleet and their own boat “Rockfisher.”

The fish is expertly prepared, portioned, and packed at source, ensuring maximum freshness. The seafood is uploaded to the digital market throughout the day and once ordered is sent out for delivery, arriving at the customer’s doorstep the very next day.

Sarah Dunning, chair of Westmorland Family, said:

“We wanted to find a more sustainable way of retailing fish that suited a motorway services with a focus on proper food. We have such a wealth of British seafood to enjoy, but we want people to enjoy it at the peak of quality and freshness.

“The Rockfish partnership offers the opportunity and inspiration to order and enjoy fresh seafood delivered to their end destination.”

The new fishmonger kiosk features hand-illustrated walls and bespoke signage with built-in screens showcasing the step-by-step journey of the produce from sea to counter. The counters are staffed by knowledgeable colleagues able to provide insight and guidance on the latest catch.

The Rockfish counter will also offer a selection of frozen fresh fish, from Dover sole, turbot, lemon sole and hake, all blast frozen on the quayside as soon as it lands, ensuring maximum freshness.

Rockfish’s line of tinned seafood made using British catch as well as smoked fish, selected wines, seafood cookbooks, Rockfish’s house-made sauces and butters along with fresh herbs and spices will also be available to purchase, providing everything you need to create a brilliant seafood experience at home.